Not all of us here at Cloudsmith are dry and technical. Sure, those of us working down in the trenches may be a bit “serious”. But our most creative elements, such as Kenn and Henrik, the duo behind our new Wham! service, have all the style and flair you would expect of pop stars.


They created Wham! so that you’d have no remaining excuses to not pick up your stack hammer. Just type in the name of a module from the Puppet Forge, or a GitHub repository containing some Puppet code, and click. A graph magically appears, showing you color-coded errors and dependencies!


Wham! uses the same validation and graphing services as Stack Hammer. But while the flagship service is deep, powerful and (some may say) a bit complex, Wham! is shiny, sexy and simple. But still just as useful.


So instead of wondering what’s “lurking in the bushes” (figuratively speaking) of that code you’d like to use, get it all out into the open! You’ll feel better and stack safer!


Use Wham! as a standalone service right now. And wait for us to tie it into the rest of Stack Hammer over the next few months.